Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Margaret and Nikolai!!!

This is Niko and Margaret about 3 hours after she was born. Niko climbed into bed with us and found Margaret there! Quite the birthday present. They were both born on February 16th, two years apart. They were also both three weeks early. How weird is that? I have tallied it up: 10.5 total hours in labour from Feb 15-16 2002/2004. Not bad for two such gorgeous kids!

Here they are this morning. How big they are: 3 and 5. How did that happen?
We are having the family over for a spaghetti dinner tonight and tomorrow they are having a "King and Princess" party with 12 little friends and Cupcake the Party Clown!!! She is the best clown ever! Fun, fun, fun. Alas, I must go and bake a cake and cook some spaghetti sauce and make 12 party crowns and 12 loot bags....

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


King Nikolai and Cinderella (Also knows and Princess Margaret)

Niko and Margaret wanted "King" and "Princess" costumes for their birthday presents this year. I just finished them!

I really like sewing. I don't get much change to do it, but it is very satisfying. These silly kids wanted me to make them costumes for their birthday presents. They had to take them off once I made sure they fit and took their pictures. Now I am going to wrap them and they will have to wait until Friday to see them again!