Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just another Wednesday Afternoon

This is what happens when you spend 5 hours in a minivan. These two are celebrating their freedom after making the trek down from Penticton. They had a lovely time running like crazed chickens all over their grandparent's house for the last 3 days. Please note that even though the TV is on in the background, there is also a wonderful ABC poster above the fire place that Esme had the little ones colour and glue onto cardboard. I may not be teaching my kids anything, but Esme was a born educator!
I managed to survived spending 3 days with my four children at my in-law's home sans husband. I got to see him for one whole hour today before he went off to work. I will get to see him for a whole 1/2 an hour tomorrow when he comes home from work and before I go to work. That is not my favourite part of the day.
Elijah played some of the best hockey of this year at the Penticton Atom division Invitational Hockey Tournament. His team lost terribly, but Eli made some spectacular plays; I am more pleased with the fact that he played hard despite his team's performance than I would have been if they had won the tourney.
Go Venom!

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