Monday, September 17, 2007

Little Miss M and her Big Day


Here is Little Miss Margaret all ready for her first day of school.
She goes to an amazing preschool called Montessori World. If anyone is looking for a great preschool in Vancouver, I highly recommend it!

It is a very interesting thing to watch her embark on this new experience; it is the first time she is doing something without the buffer of at least on of her siblings. This school is all her own and no one else in the family is sharing her experience. She loves painting with pink paint and she told me today that there is a boy in her class named "Handsome". I am not sure whether that is his given name or how Margaret is describing him!

I now have all four children in school. It is quite a milestone in the RB household. It is also why I have time to blog today. I actually have a day off work and 2 hours without children...this has never happened before :)
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Mimi said...

She looks great, and enjoy your time!

RW said...

A huge milestone for you and the little Miss M.

margi said...

Margaret looks wonderful. It is also quite wonderful to see such a small Margaret, here in Scotland because of our saintly Queen Margaret (born in the undivided church, died in the west) it has always been a popular name but I find very few girls under 40 with it now.