Tuesday, December 27, 2005


All the chisels I've dulled carving idols of stone
That have crumbled like sand 'neath the waves
I've recklessly
built all my dreams in the sand
Just to watch them all wash away.
Through another day, another trial, another chance to reconcile
To One who sees past all I see;

And reaching out my weary hand, I pray that You'd understand

Your the only one that's faithful to me....

Your the only one that's faithful to me.

--Jennifer Knapp (Prelude....Faithful to Me)


thomasw said...

is this the lyrics to a song, or is it a poem? i appreciate the whole notion of 'chisling' as a metaphor for character building and ....what's that fancy greek theological term???...oh, yeah, theosis:)

MommaKim said...

It is indeed a song. Jennifer Knapp is a Christian Singer from Kansas. I will try and figure out to upload it!
I love the imagery in this song.