Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hobbit Names

Haven't you always wanted to know your hobbit name ?
Now you can find out. Let me know too!
Lila Bumbleroot of Haysend
Wife of Bulbo
Mother of (in chronological order)
Mungo, Camelia, Bolo and Autumn


Texas Matushka said...

Pansy Chubb sends her howdy!

Texas Matushka said...

I am Pansy Chubb
Wife of Todo
Mother to Ruby, Ruby and Sweetpea.

RW said...

Lila Loamsdown of Deephallow wife of

Moro Loamsdown of Deephallow and mother to Dimple and Belba!

This is awesome. Did you try the elven name too?

MommaKim said...

Linwë Sîrfalas....How do you pronounce that???

thomasw said...

Orodreth Carnesîr is my name in Elvish.