Sunday, March 26, 2006

What Ever Happened to Sleeping in on the Weekend???

This weekend was crazy. Friday I worked and then shipped my husband off to the retreat he organzied armed with 6 dozen muffins, 6 dozen cookies (Lenten no less) and a bevy of Rice Krispie Squares that Elijah and I made to feed the hoards; and hoards there were--60+ people!!! Then Saturday I spent at the retreat running around after the kids while organizing meals to feed the retreaters....I am told that the talks were fantastic, though I am sad to say I heard not one word. I then went off to take my oldest to end of the year hockey party--at the Varsity Ridge Bowling Lanes
Can't beat black light bowling! This did mean that I ran back and forth between two lanes to oversee my 4 and 2 year olds as they bowled--or tried to run down the lane. Most people were either looking at me with horror or relief (soooo glad that they weren't me!). It was busy.
Then back to the retreat to gather up the supplies and husband.
Home to the disaster and feeding the kids and hosing them down and tucking them into bed.
Up bright and early to get kids up and dressed and out the door to church...where I chased them for two hours while my husband served. Then out for a wonderful lunch with some awesome people that we are newly aquainted with--there was still a lot of running around after the kids.
Home to laundry and dishes and overseeing homework: spelling, Language arts, Picasso report!
Then inspiration...find a willing babysitter and escape. We bribed (I mean asked) a nephew to come and sit.....and he (foolishly) agreed!!! More feeding and cleaning and dressing and putting to bed of children and then.....bliss.
Dinner at Feenie's.

So superb. It has been on my Top Ten list for a long time. The service and the ambiance were great--the uninterupted time with my husband to be able to finish a thought or a sentence was priceless. If you live in or near Vancouver I highly recommend taking the time to go to Feenies. It was fabulous.
Now back to the insanity tomorrow.


RW said...

The weekend sounds like a success...

Matthew Francis said...

That is so awesome you went to Feenies. That is brilliant to carve out that little oasis of time for just the two of you!

Thanks so much for everything last weekend!

Abigail Maria Fernandes said...

Hey Matushka Kim, if you ever need a babysitter in the future i'm free in May, after five pm, cause i'm the Choi's nanny until then!

MommaKim said...

Ooooh Abigail You don't know what you are offering! Hey I may need a nanny in the summer.....we should chat. My kids aren't nearly as well behaved as the Choi's kids.