Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Bahama Mammas

This gorgeous woman with the flower crown and veil is my (in the very near) future sister-in-law Mitzi. From right the left: Nicole, Donna (Moo) Mitzi, Kim and Kimbo.
What a fabulous group of women I had the pleasure of getting to know last month in a little ol' place we like to call THE BAHAMAS! Where else would fabulous Floridians and one imported Canadian go to for a bachlorette weekend? We had the very best of times. It is a truly incredibly beautiful part of the world. We went snorkeling and saw parot fish and angel fish and 2 baracuda.

Luckily no sharks! Putting your head in this aqua blue water is like looking into an aquarium. We saw fire coral and fan coral and swam over top of the coral reef. The water was so warm--although the Floridians tried to tell me it was too cool! I found a triton sheel and brain coral (dead) and a conch shell to bring home. It is impossible to describe how blue the water is. At every chance I ran in for a swim.
We Island hopped and drank all manner of rum drinks and ate a lot of sea food.
Best of all I got to know Mitzi better. I am so excited that she is going to be my sister on November 12th.
Get ready girls....I am on my way back soon and the Bahama Mammas will reunite!


RW said...

You look fabulous darling.

Texas Matushka said...

Two thoughts....

You look awesome.

I am jealous.

MommaKim said...

I think this is where the SVS HMs should go for a reunion....what do you think?

Texas Matushka said...


matthew christopher davidson said...


In the absence of your Russian moniker, I would like to dub you (W) "the Kirk Mum" or "KM" for short.