Monday, November 06, 2006


How can you tell if you are with REALLY good friends? Everyone is on their own lap top in the same room chatting while blogging / working / checking email /shopping. Does it get better than this?
We are in Texas staying with our friends-in-the-trenches. We have had a fabulous weekend. We went to Blue Bell Creamery and had a tour of the yummy ice cream factory. Now the kids are plotting out the states in which we can purchase this new favourite.

Here are all SEVEN kids that have been under the same roof for the last four days. This is outside of Blue Bell Creamery.

This pic is of the two 2 yrs olds. They are having a blast! They met when M was 8 months old and G was 10 days old; now they are both 2 yrs old and fast friends.
Texas is too far away :(

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