Monday, November 06, 2006

Things I learned in Texas

So there are some interesting things that I have learned during my sojourn in The Woodlands, Texas:
1-Watch out for Fire Ants (they have that name for a reason)
2-When it RAINS. In BC it rains a great deal of the time, but in TX it rains the same amount, but in about 45 minutes.
3-The mosquitos are BIG...and hungry
4-It is possible to have seven children; as long as their are four parents
5-Texas is waaaay too far away from BC.


Mimi said...

Those are some good lessons - and true!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great trip guys! I can't say the missus and I aren't jealous! So you made it back safe and sound or are you blogging from the road? Did you get my message that our family will be at the OCA all canada convention this summer? You're all going right!?


MommaKim said...

What? You are? I am excited!!!
We are actually in Florida at the moment.