Thursday, February 16, 2006

Happy Happy Birthday Birthday

Today is Nikolai's 4th Birthday and Margaret's 2nd Birthday!!!!! They are both morning babies; Niko was born at 7:50 am and Greta was born at 1:50 am. These two are like champagne bubbles--or firecrackers! Interesting fact... they both had the same due date and they were both born 3 weeks early on the same day! I would love to know the odds on this!
Many years to Nikolai John Peter and Margaret Lynn.


myn said...


(although they aren't babies anymore!)

Texas Matushka said...

Happy Birthday friends!
Love, Julia, Sophia and Genevieve

thomasw said...

Many years to both of you, many years and may you grow into all joy! And, Margaret, may you always remain regular and have lots fresh air around you to breathe freely.

Matthew Francis said...

Happy Birthday you guys!