Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Hey you, do you want to start a mercy house?"

This is the kind of thing that my friend Justin Mathews sings about; he also sings about the Theotokos and icons. He sings about how we can apply the gospel to our life in a socially conscious way.... and he sounds fabulous. Check out the songs he has on his web site and then order his CD. He is a 2nd year student at St Vlad's. I am thinking that anyone with a desire to make music in an orthodox fashion should get thee to St Vladimirs Orthodox Seminary; there is an incredible number of talented musicians there at the moment. Father Peter Jon Gilquist graduates this year, but Justin in there for one more year. Fr Peter has some great records--he newest, "The Simpler Things" is my favourite. Fr Peter's web site is a great place to find new to you music!
Check these talented muscians out and get their music!!!!!
FYI this picture of Justin was taken at Central Park at "The Gates" exhibit that was on last fall/winter. Quite an interesting art installation.

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Matthew Francis said...

Krista and I have been listening to Justin's new cd for a couple of months now. Such beautiful music... I could just put those first two songs on repeat for hours!