Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A beautiful Vancouver Morning

I have lived in Vancouver for nearly a year and I finally did something that I have been wanting to do since we set up shop here. Let me preface this by explaining I had a very frusterating start to my day:
1-I woke up to kids squealing with delight at 0640--that bit was alright, but I had actually been hoping that my client would have gone into labour during the night and that at 0640 I would be at a birth not in my bed.
2-I have a HUGE assignment that I must complete for a lactation consultant course that I am taking and I just can't get motivated to do it....and I am still trying to catch up on 4 weeks of reading for said course.
3-I have to go back to work tomorrow and really want to be able to be at this birth. I have a great back up who will be there to cover during my working hours, but I really would like to be at this birth and wandering around the house trying to will this woman into labour was not working
4-Loaded the toddlers in the van to take Niko to preschool AND THE VAN WON'T START! Dead battery. Thank God we have a great road side service, but that made us 45 mins late for preschool.
So I was a little ansy and on edge this am. After dropping Niko off I decided that I was going to dust off my running shoes and go for a run on the seawall. I strapped Greta into the jogging stroller and jogged from W8th & Heather down to the sea wall at False Creek (see the dotted blue line) then I ran to the Burrard Street Bridge....over the Burrard St Bridge....along Drake and over the Granville St Bridge then back home. It was great!
When one is that exhausted it is hard to find the energy to be irritaed about unobliging uteruses and unfinished assigments and, actually, it cleared my head a bit and I got quite a bit done on my assignment...and then fell asleep when I tried to do my reading!
Gotta love this city!


Texas Matushka said...

You go girl!

kimberley said...

Nice one!

Ostensive Lime said...

nice distance momma kim!

you've strapped on your running shoes and i've gotta hop back on my bike... there's no excuse anymore with the weather we've been having.
yay for no excuse weather!
and YAAAY! for St. Nina's!!!
what a joy that was, and how blessed we were by Christ and supportive members of His church.
your dead battery reminds me of my last three car foibles:
1) locked keys in car right before first st. nina's service!
2) car starts smoking on the way to holy cross vespers!
3) locked keys in car right after vespers.
odd 'orthodoxy theme' here... (well in addition to the idiocy of my locking my keys in the car TWICE!)

and this is the first time i can comment on your blog since i finally caved under orthodox-peer-pressure and started a blogger account.

christ is risen!