Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday, Glorious Sunday

Today is the Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Women and today St Nina Orthodox Mission Station celebrated its first divine liturgy. It was beautiful. We are so blessed by God. I am having a hard time finding words to express it. Dear friends came from afar to support us and help us celebrate. Matushka and her children came from Holy Resurrection to sing with us until they had to leave to go and sing for their service. How awesome is that? Teenagers getting up earlier than they needed to on a Sunday Morning! Margaret had her Godparents there...Nikolai had his Godmother there...I am unable to even say what this means to me. It was so wonderful to have familiar faces worship with us--even though they must return to their own churches next Sunday, it was such an incredible gift to have them with us for this first service to be there for moral support and lend their voices.
And the troopers who have travelled with us to this point waiting and waiting for services to begin--God bless you all for your patience and faith!
It is a fearful thing to have a missionary ministry and to feel very alone most of the time. This Sunday really confirmed that we are supposed to be doing this and God is blessing it. 41 people were at the service!!! Glory to God for allowing people to hear and come and find us in our tucked away spot.
Thank you to all who have prayed for us...please don't stop!
I have put Flickr on my blog, so you can look at pictures of the service.


thomasw said...

Indeed it is such a beautiful 'cube' that St. Nina's will worship in. The acoustics are sublime; I found myself singing along partially because I could hear Akiko

And I found a spot by an open door, too :)

Matthew Francis said...

Glory to God for All Things!

What beautiful and warm pictures of your new mission family together at prayer!

Know that your Church family across the Rockies was praying for St. Nina's community today.

Love you guys!

Matthew and Krista

MommaKim said...

Thank you thank you thank you. The prayers from near and far were felt so closely today. I feel like I can breathe now!

kimberley said...

What a perfect title Kim, to sum up the day! Glorious IN-deed from sun up to sun down! A beautiful historic momment in time. We are truly loved beyond our ability to comprehend!

Speaking of breathing... was that little one born last night?

Simply Victoria said...

it was wonderful to witness the 'birth' of the new mission.
God grant this mission many many years of ministry.
And God bless the Rigden-Briscall's in their efforts.
We love you guys.