Tuesday, January 31, 2006

5:52 am

Why 5:52 am? Well that's what time it is. You see, I have usually been at work for an hour by now and was indeed at work at 4:50 am today only to discover that I don't work until tomorrow!
This could be seen as a very frustrating event in ones life, but it is actually working out quite nicely for me. We had a wonderful friend over for dinner last night and had a very lively and challenging conversation. I threw in the towel at 12:10 am and left my husband and said friend still talking (I have no idea what time my husband finally came to bed). So I was understandably quite groggy at 4:00 am when I had to get up for work and drank 2 cups of coffee while getting ready. I walked across the street to work only to find out I didn't have to be there and so I had a chat with a teammate who really needed to chat said "Hi" to my coworkers and then "By" to my coworkers and walked back across the street home. Since I am too buzzed on the caffeine (a good plan for a day of work, but not for trying to go back to bed) I have been getting so much done.
I did my morning prayers--uninterupted--had a couple more cups of coffee--uninterupted--caught up on my email--uninterupted--you see where I am going with this....
Now I am going to do the dishes and I may even phone a friend in New York while I do them. I can let my husband sleep in instead of having to get up and get the kids off to school ('cause he went to bed waaaay later than me) and hang out with the baby. When she goes for a nap I will go for a nap. Then I will have enough energy to make cinnamon buns for a post vespers treat tonight.
What an unexpected gift this day is already and it is only 6:02 am!


RW said...

zzzzzzAmazing. Uninterrupted time. The things that can be accomplished when we are without interruptions. I have always known that it is better for me to get up earlier expecially on days when I don't have to leave the house right away... but I have to combat my desire for that little bit of extra sleep. Ultimately, I am still tired so it would serve me better to just get up and get stuff done.

There is nothing quite like having a list of accomplishments done before anyone else is even out of bed!

The Pleasant Peasant said...

I'm impressed by your ability to function at 5 in the morning! i have trouble getting to class at 9 - which now seems unfairly late after reading your post.

Cinnamon buns, eh?

myn said...

i can't appreciate your gift to the fullest as a gift for me would be sleeping until my body decided to wake itself up...and i seem to be my own source of interuptions rather then other people/things. but i am very happy for you!!!

wish i could be there for the cinnamon buns tonite...but i have a work meeting tonite that should be interesting...and probably pretty boring.

Simply Victoria said...

aaaaah. what a perfect day.

kimberley said...

i remember the damp dark mornings of driving over the lions gate bridge to the hotel to start my 5:30 shift. we were encouraged to wear mascara and lipstick (like flight attendants)so i'd be up at 4:30 or something pulling the velcro rollers out of my hair...
(i did it all without coffee too. i /didn't like/ coffee back them)

the routine would be to stagger in the staff entrance, say the good mornings enroute to the laundry to pick up my drycleaned concierge outfit, and then go up and climb into panty hose and heels. (my favorite part of the day was definately climbing OUT of the hose and heels)

one morning still blurry eyed i had just accomplished all the above, when i noticed the reflection in the mirror of my twin, coming out of one of the bathroom stalls.
(our outfits were unique to the other staffers) Sure enough it was my day off. after breakfast with my room service buddies i was home by 7 or so. back in bed.

one whiff of theirry mugler or bob mackie purfume still brings back those painful 5ams.