Wednesday, January 18, 2006

January = Birthdays!!!

January is a very busy month for birthdays for our friends and family. Here is a big "Happy Birthday" to everyone.

Kurt Jordan Jan 2
Esmé Hoogendyk Jan 11

Elijah Jan 17
Jonah Jordan Jan 18

Kimberley Francis Jan 20
Alban Jan 21

Kimberly Rigden Jan 22
Malachai Duran Jan 22
Elise Jan 23
Katrina Duran Jan 27
Avery Jordan Jan 29

This is, of course, not an exhaustive list, just all the names I could come up with off the top of my head. Please feel free to add anyone whom I have missed….or yourself if your birthday is in January.


Simply Victoria said...

Happy Birthday Elijah!
you beat Jonah by 1 day!!
how is 11 suiting you?

thomasw said...

who is esme hoogendyke? don't tell me that is esme's middle name :p hehe

btw, my dad's birthday is the same as jonah's. only he turned 68 today, not 11.

MommaKim said...

Esmé is Elise and Isaiah's 1 yr old you remember I went to Chicago from New York last year when she was born???? Most fabulous time I have ever had at a birth! Check out Isaiah's "go lightly" blog.
And Happy Birthday Gar! Please give him my best.

RW said...

happy birthday Elijah!

11 is one of the best ages ever. I loved being 11.

Matthew Francis said...

Happy Birthday to you all!

The Pleasant Peasant said...

Happy Birthday!

kimberley said...

ah thomas! you absolutely crack me up! ROFL!

"don't tell me that is esme's middle name"....

if i ever need a good belly laugh I know where to come.