Monday, January 16, 2006

Dea is here!!!!!

Today is a wonderful day. My fabulous friend, Dea, has come all the way from Houston, Texas to visit little ole me! Y'all can meet her if you come to Vespers tomorrow night. She is a breath of fresh, warm DRY air! I was hoping that some of that hot sunny weather would have followed her here, but it seems she is going to see Vancouver at it's finest--raining; we have just broken a record for the most consecutive days of rain.

I have been in denial about how much I have missed her until I saw her beautiful face. I am not going to think about what it will be like when she has to leave again....that is days away.

After I picked her up at YVR, we went to Gastown (and got soaking wet)! Tomorrow thrift store shopping and a good long coffee clatch and then Victoria and Whister (God and weather willing) should round out the week.

Friendship is a truly incredible gift and a friend that you been in the trenches with and and knows that from which you speak it an immeasurable blessing.


RW said...

I am so glad for you. Enjoy your time together!

thomasw said...

i am not happy for you; i am jealous that you get to go off and have fun and not have to work!!! you lucky matuschka!!! so go, yes, just go ahead and have your fun without me: you will pay later! ah, yes you will pay big time for having your fun now. perhaps later when you are trying to get out of that firey lake i will lower you an onion to pull you out!!! beware of the fun-seeking matuschkas, people, for you never can tell with matuschkas when they are set loose and fancy free :)