Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Great New Find

I have discovered a wonderful new magazine.
Every DAy with Rachel Ray It is all about food and wine. The recipes are simple and easy to follow with lots of pictures. There is even a 7 day meal planner complete with shopping list! Most of the recipes can be prepared in 30 minutes.
Tonight my husband made fresh tuna burgers with ginger, garlic and soy sauce. They were topped with wasabi mustard and mango chutney. Wow! They were delicious.
Now I love Martha Stewart, but my leisure time has been severely restricted since I took out my subscription in 1996. I wonder if 3 more children and a full time+ job have added any work?
Now in 2006 I love Rachel Ray. Great energy, quick prep times and yummy food.
She does a lot of sea food and pasta, so it is not hard to find fast-friendly recipes.
This is only her second issue; I am sure there will be many more.
Happy cooking.


Texas Matushka said...

The real question.....Did all 4 kids eat it?

thomasw said...

she looks so cheery, almost too cheery :p

Simply Victoria said...

soy sauce...$2.09/bottle.
husband cooking...priceless:)

MommaKim said...

Here here Victoria!!!
Now to clear a few thing up....
C only cooked this for me--the kids ate cod burgers.
RR is effervescent, Thomas
No canned tuna this was made with the real deal--my hubby had to go to the fish monger at granville island to get it...ok that is only 5 minutes away, but still he went there with toddlers....during a week day!